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User Experience

A successful website is like a  work of art drawing in the site visitor and letting them experience a free-flowing exchange  of information between the website and the visitor. The better the website is able to communicate on all devices its visual message via a distinct visual language, the better the visitor will understand what it has to offer and why they should continue to explore.


Always keep in mind your visitors decide where to go and what to see. If they don't like their experience, your competitors are just a click away.



KDesign follows a strong foundation rule when building a successful website. They include; team work, architecture, design, redesign, stakeholder interviews, site map, wire frames, mood boards, SEO, usability and business acquisitions as well as meeting time-line and budget.

Related Work

The Challenge & Solutions

old website

old website

Trombly Bros., Inc. established since 1938 is a full service automotive repair facility that also includes a towing and recovery business.  The challenge was they had no website.  They knew they wanted a website that reflected the family and the business as well as providing their current customers and potential new customers pertinent and visual information to assist them. In addition, they wanted a content management system.


Their branding on the web also needed to be established as well. Working together with Trombly Bros., Inc. as a team all aspect of creating and developing were implemented including: mood boards, sitemaps, wire frames, content structure, images with art work incorporated, user experience, design, responsive design, SEO, brand identity and a favicon.


Project was completed and launched with Adobe content management system. Trombly Bros., Inc., requested to maintain services with KDesign for any structural changes.


Donahue Bros, Inc. is a coffee and food distribution business. This project started in in 2012 and client decided not to implement creation till 2013 -2014. A complete redesign of their website was requested. All the while keeping in mind of the primary goals creating a website that depicted the business and interaction to inform visitors about the company.


Working as a team with the Donahue Bros, Inc. all aspects to develop the website were implemented. Including: figuring out the best way to organize their in-depth amount of products. All foundation were implemented as well as building content structure  a  favicon, responsive design, user experience and, brand identity.


The launch was met prior to deadline requirements. Resulting in a clean website user friendly including the Client desired custom functions.


Hulme Fence is a fencing company that specializes in self-service and  they are  a contract supplier. They requested a stronger presence on the web and requested a redesign of their entire website that worked on all devices.


They had a strict time line to create the website that aligned with their busy season. As well as they needed all aspects of content structure. Over all design and site navigation ease and understanding content was a main focus of success for the website. Segmenting the site into key areas simplifies how potential clients find and understand the core products and services that Hulme Fence offers.


The launch was delivered prior to deadline they were very satisfied. Hulme Fence has an ongoing service agreement to manage updates and requests in relation to their website needs.


old website

MTM Insurance is a rapidly growing P&L Insurance business. The approach was to redesign their website.  Keeping in mind to the targeted visitor and building a resource that could sustain client loyalty.


KDesign fulfilled in developing a simple clear website that can easily be navigated by users on all devices.


The responsive web project was completed on time and within budget.

It included redesigning logo, integrating new business launch, stakeholder interview, site map, usability, business acquisitions, wire-frames.


KDesign continues to partnership with MTM in an ongoing service agreement  to manage updates and requests in relation to their website needs.

Salon Vergados is a full service beauty salon offering a suite of services and products catering to discriminating clientèle.


Salon Vergados did not have a website and were in much need to develop and market  their brand on the web.


The building  process included; team work with the client, architecture, site map, user interviews, wire-frames and design. The launch project met time and budget expectations.




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