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Designing demands unique creativity inspiring ones imagination giving each brand a  unique visual story.



While the look and feel of your business design needs need to be unique, the formation of a solid design development and marketing strategy is critical to the success of your visual brand story.


Focusing on your business needs to continually improve productivity, lead generation, and client support. KDesign offers a solution built upon best practices for both marketing and quality designing. Aligning the project objectives and audience with the suite of services

to meet all needs for a successful branding.

Designing Practices

Service Agreements

Service agreements include a one-stop shop for all matters on multiple services.  Design, develop,  create content, launch, maintain or manage what ever your design needs are.


Before we begin, we conduct a phone meeting to see what your needs may be? If you decided to pursue more information a meet and greet meeting will be set up to discuss  and review further to see what you need help in. Typically this meet will take about about an hour to hour and half. Then we will assess your business needs and summarize findings and provide recommendations to create a visual brand story for future development.


KDesign has learned that designing the most effective brands is working as a team with the business owners and building a visual story that depicts their business in an exciting way to their customers. It evolves into  uncovering what content excites your audience and spurs them into action. An ongoing service agreement will assist both parties in communicating all contract requirements and what can be expected on both parties as well as  availability to make changes to the project. KDesign has invested in client's long-term success and cherishes the long-term projects and relationships.

UX | Web Design

Graphic Design


Content Development

Social Networking

Streaming  Media

Digital Photography

Digital Painting

Traditional Painting



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